League History

More details of the League’s history will be posted here as they become available.

One day during the summer of 1987, a group of aging Baseball players sat around pondering a distinct lack of fulfillment and satisfaction within the game. Too many arguments, too much swearing and a general “win at all costs” attitude seemed to prevail. It was suggested that a new league be formed wherein the participants were all around the same age and that the philosophy and motivation of all, was to play for the “joy of the game”. This was the first visualization of the Executive Softball League.

Thanks to the work of David Blumer and the lobbying skills of Allen Gerskup, this dream became a reality. On the first Wednesday following the long weekend in May 1988, the first Executive League game was played at York Mills Park.

Over the years, the league has grown from four teams to eight teams. Our numbers have increased from 54 to 112 players.