League Constitution

B’nai Brith Executive Baseball League Constitution

The objective of the League is to foster and encourage friendship through a sporting activity, namely fast pitch softball.

Section 1 – Membership

1.1 Membership to the League shall be open to all men whose application for affiliation has been accepted by B’nai Brith and who will have reached the age of 40 by December 31 of the current season.

1.2 B’nai Brith dues must be paid before the season opens on an annual basis and shall accompany all new applications.

1.3 New applicants for membership will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the League which will then make a recommendation to the Team Reps in respect of such application.

1.4 All members of the League shall submit their yearly fees and B’nai Brith dues prior to March 1 of each playing year. No member may play even one game unless his fees are paid in full.

1.5 Each team may designate one non-playing coach who will have to pay an amount to be determined by the Executive on an annual basis to cover the cost of a team shirt and the year end banquet. The non-playing coach must pay B’nai Brith dues. Suitable black track pants and shoes must be supplied by the individual.

1.6 Players wishing to withdraw their application will be entitled to an 80% discount of the fees provided notice is given prior to April 1. Players must show proof of payment of B’nai Brith dues or submit payment directly to the Treasurer. B’nai Brith dues are non-refundable. If team uniforms have been ordered there will be no refund at all.

Section 2 – Property and Rights

2.1 The property and rights in respect of the playing field at Bayview and York Mills shall belong exclusively to the League. The Chairman will retain the right to sign the yearly contract on behalf of the League.

Section 3 – Executive

3.1 The Executive is elected for a one year term, after which it resigns and the individuals of the Executive may run again for a spot on the Executive. If more than 3 people are nominated, a vote would be held and the top three vote getters would be elected to the new Executive.

3.2 The Executive shall appoint a Treasurer who shall hold the post for a 2 year period. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to supervise the financial affairs of the League subject to the directions of the Executive. The Treasurer shall prepare the account books of the League and submit them to the Executive for approval and to deliver a financial report at the annual banquet which will constitute the annual meeting.

3.3 Bank accounts must have the signatures of one member of the Executive together with the Treasurer.

3.4 In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Executive the remaining members shall fill the vacancy with a member of the League.

3.5 Any member of the Executive may be removed with the approval of the other two members of the Executive together with a majority of League Delegates.

Section 4 – Duties of Executive

4.1 The Commissioner shall have the following duties:

(a) League liaison with Toronto Parks & Recreation
(b) League Statistician
(c) Liaison and Controller of the umpire crew
(d) Communications Director

4.2 The Vice-Commissioner shall have the following duties:

(a) Procurer of team uniforms
(b) Disciplinary & Rules Chairman
(c) Committee Coordinator

4.3 The Secretary shall have the following duties:

(a) Regular season and play off schedule
(b) League liaison with B’nai Brith
(c) Financial Secretary for maintaining League membership records
(d) Attendance Statistician

4.4 The Executive shall choose the Commissioner, Vice-Commissioner and Secretary amongst themselves.

4.5 Notwithstanding the foregoing division of responsibilities, the Executive members shall be free to divide responsibilities amongst themselves in a different manner according to their respective abilities.

Section 5 – Committees

5.1 The Executive shall have the right to appoint committees and to co-opt such individuals as may be deemed necessary to act as advisors and to set such terms and references as may be deemed necessary.

5.2 The standing committees shall be:

(a) – Banquet Committee

to organize a year end banquet for the League
to submit to the executive a list of venues and costs to hold the yearly event
to submit any entertainment cost for the evening
to gather the list of all award winners and arrange for trophies to be made
to host the event
(b) – Tournament Committee

to organize a yearly golf tournament for the League
to submit to the Executive a list of venues and costs to hold the yearly event
to submit any entertainment and cost for the evening
to gather prizes and arrange for raffle
to host the event
The Executive shall review the general plans together with proposed budgets of each committee prior to any of the committee’s general plans being adopted.

Section 6 – League Delegates and Coaches

6.1 The Executive shall appoint the League Delegates from each team.
This process shall take place every two years.

6.2 The League Delegates shall meet before the start of the season and when meetings are called by the Executive.

6.3 The team may appoint a person who is willing to act as a substitute for any League Delegate unable to fill his duties or attend any meetings called by the Executive.

6.4 The League Delegates’ duties and responsibilities would include:

(a) Liaison between the team they represent and the League Executive
(b) Ensure that all League rules and regulations are abided by
(c) Act as a member of the League Disciplinary Committee
(d) Assist the Executive in any League selection process and the achievement of parity amongst the teams.

6.5 The League Delegates shall oversee and assist the Executive with their teams’ financial affairs with respect to collection of both B’nai Brith dues and League yearly fees.

6.6 The League Delegates shall assist and represent the Executive in ensuring League rules are adhered to.

6.7 A League Delegate shall not be the Coach of the team he represents due to a conflict of interest. Accordingly the team must elect a Coach who is not the League Delegate no later than the end of the third game of the season. Until that time, the League Delegate will act as Coach of the team.

6.8 The Coach would be responsible for fielding a team to play all scheduled games. The Coach would be responsible for the on field conduct of his team. The Coach would also be responsible to complete a player evaluation form* (designed by the Executive) at the end of the season.

* These forms will be used to determine a player’s skill level in order to categorize him for a possible team selection process.

Section 7 – Team Makeup

7.1 Each team shall consist of a minimum of 14 players and a maximum of 16 players.

7.2 New members to the League will be placed on teams by the Executive (wishes to play with a friend will be considered, but not the rule). These players, based on their playing level, will be placed on a team requiring their specific talents.

7.3 The Executive with the assistance of the League Delegates will at all times attempt to achieve parity amongst the teams by balancing the teams to the best of their ability.

Section 8 – Arbitration

8.1 Any dispute or difference arising between League Delegates in regard to the selection process or the attempt to achieve parity amongst the teams shall be settled by the Executive. Any dispute or difference arising for any individual player shall be dealt with by the Executive. The Executive will attempt to try to assist in any selection process dispute to the best of their ability.

Section 9 – Approval Process

9.1 This Constitution to be approved will require the approval by the vote of at least 66-2/3% of a majority of the members who voted.
9.2 Any amendments to this Constitution will need to be approved by the vote of at least 66% – 2/3% of a majority of the members who voted.

Section 10 – Dissolution

10.1 Should the membership at large wish to dissolve the League, it will be up to the Executive to advise B’nai Brith of its intent and hand over all aspects of the League into their authority. A motion to approve of dissolution will need to be approved by the vote of at least 75% of a majority of the members who voted.

Section 11 – Quorum

11.1 For the purposes of any vote contemplated in this Constitution there must be a quorum present, being a majority of the members of the League present in person or represented by proxy.