On to the next round!

The first series are in the books and the next round begins Sunday.

In the National, Powder had the only sweep, beating Orange 2 straight.

Grey edged Red 9-8 in 8 innings in Game 3, the 2nd consecutive walk-off in the series.

In the American, Double blue beat Purple in 3 games, 9-7 in Game 3, with the visitor winning every game.

Green, one inning from being eliminated in Game 2, came back to win in 8 innings, and beat Powder 2, 5-2 in Game 3 to advance.

Sunday’s schedule is as follows:

  • Blue vs. Silver at 10
  • Grey vs. Powder at 12
  • Green vs. Black at 2

American Game 2s are Monday:

  • Silver vs. Blue at 6:45
  • Black vs. Green at 8:45

The following Sunday, there will be a Powder vs. Grey game. American game(s) will be determined after Monday’s results.

Times are TBA.

To remind teams of what was said before the playoffs started, the playoff schedule is a draft and other than 1st round game 1, no dates or times were set. Teams were advised to be prepared to play on any available day. Any games listed in an apparent slot were placeholders pending outcome of other games, rain, etc. Unfortunately, we had an ”etc.” , but should be able to get all the series done in time.

Good luck to all remaining teams and Shana Tova to all.

Cliff, on behalf of The board