Weekly Recap – Week of August 7

August 14th, Black v. Double blue 14-2 Black win

Early August is a struggle for a number of teams. Vacations, injuries and just the vagaries of day to day living draw players away from the diamond leaving teams wondering if they can fill the lineup. Both Double Blue and Black were therefore forced to put out calls and scramble to stitch together a team.

Black was fortunate that both its pitchers (Adam Hennick and Darren Levant) finally returned from their journeys to far off Greece and (we believe) Shangri-La to pitch outstanding games. Ashley Gordon (who reputedly was playing in his 87th game this year) unexpectedly rose from his sick bed to anchor the Black infield and record multiple hits. Despite the final score, the game was close for most of the contest. Double Blue called on the ageless Saul York to spin his Bhurle-esque offerings to hold Black to within 4 runs after five. But fatigue and open innings were the death knell of Double Blue. By the time Black’s Dan Cohen hit a grand slam homerun in the 7th, the game was out of reach and Black went on to a 14 to 2 win. Dan’s hit was only the 4th homerun for Black this year but it has resulted in the statistical anomaly that 50% of Black’s homeruns are slams. Go figure.