Weekly Recap – Week of July 31st

Purple vs. Green

Thursday night Purple Haze defeated Green 13-5, with contributions up and down the lineup. Jaimie Grossman finally hit his first two home runs of the season to catch up to his baby brother in the home run race. Jeremy Mandell hit his first Executive League homer, with a key 3-run shot to close out a 5-run second inning. Super-sub Ashley Gordon – who is trying to steal Harvey Hazan’s title from last season – also hit a home run for Purple, though it was only a solo shot rather than the grand slam he hit while subbing against Purple a couple of weeks ago. Purple received solid pitching from Stephen Lidsky (other than one inning when he got wild and hit a couple of former teammates with pitches accidentally), and Mark Lee, who pitched the final couple of innings. The win sends The Haze off to enjoy their bye week on a high note.

Double Blue vs. Red/Purple

The early game saw Double Blue Dodgers facing the Purple Rockies, both below .500 teams playing beneath their pre season rankings. The first inning saw the Dodgers put up 5 runs, taking advantage of some early game walks. For the rest of the game, pitchers Michael Goldberg and Stephen Lidsky held each other’s team to 2 runs each, one being a home run over the centre field fence by Stephen Lidsky. In the end Double Blue was victorious 7-2 behind some strong defence highlighted by Rick Kotick’s over-the-head “Willie Mays” catch, and a couple of sharp plays at the hot corner late in the game by Mike McCleave. The most puzzling play of the game was Stephen Lidsky’s flight out on a 3-0 count when his team was down by 5 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning. During the post game interview, Lidsky said that the manager game him the green light to swing away. Wait a minute ….. he is the manager!

Silver win Monday

It did not look to be Silver’s night on Monday. They were facing the division’s top pitcher in Powder’s Kevin Green, and without their pitchers, turned to Brad Worth in his Exec League debut. Powder led 9-4 after 5. There was a double steal from Norm Nefsky and Irwin Tobias, with Irwin stealing home, the two setting a record for highest combined age in a double steal. After a 5 run 3rd, Harvey Hazan relieved Brad. Ted Rechtschaffen hit a 2 run shot in the 5th for Powder. Only the middle hitters of Harvey-Ron Herczeg-Evan Salofsky could muster anything against Kevin. Ron had hit his usual one homerun a game. At 10:23, Umpire Bruce called the 6th as last inning and the bottom of the order came up. Suddenly, guys got on base. Leadoff hitter Mike Schlesinger cleared the bases with a triple. Harvey got his 3rd hit. Evan had his 3rd extra base hit of the game. In the end, 8 runs were scored. However, only 3 minutes remained before curfew and the score would revert back to the 5th, making the rally for naught. Harvey got one quick out. Norm tried to kill the time by fouling off pitches: 1 broke the light standard, like in The Natural; one went foul off the 3B’s glove; and 2 hit the on-deck hitter. Finally, Harv got Norm to ground out and there were 30 seconds left. Rob Walsh, weakened from Norm’s foul balls, hit meekly to short to end the game just as the buzzer sounded. 12-9 Silver final.