Weekly Recap – Week of July 24th

Purple vs Black

It was a contrast of styles in this Black v. Purple matchup. Black was boringly consistent with a bunch of little hits (a run her or a run there), pitchers who were not overpowering but hit their spots, defence which was ok but not great. Purple on the other hand had pitching that ranged from untouchable to hitting the backstop over the umpires head, a defence that made a number of spectacular plays to get out of trouble and hitters who always posed an extra bases danger. If this was a children’s fable, Black would have played the role of the Tortoise and Purple, the Hare. Well the teams were true to form for 4.5 innings on Wednesday. When in the bottom of the 5th, Black’s Jack Benzacar hit a grand slam homerun to break a 6-6 tie in an uncharacteristically Hare like fashion (it was only Black’s third team homer of the year). After that, Black waddled on to a 12-7 win. It rained for an hour straight before the game and so both teams (and the umpires) deserve credit for waiting that out. On cue the rain stopped at 8:45 and it turned into a great night for baseball.

Purple Haze vs Silver

Purple Haze exacted a small amount of revenge against Silver on Monday night, after letting the game get away the previous week, winning 9-2. Purple was led offensively by Jeff Glaizel who doubled his career home run total of 2, with one inside-the-park homer and a more traditional version, which closed out a 5-run 6th inning to put the game out of reach. Stephen Lidsky also hit a home run for Purple, who received strong pitching from Gary Tanenbaum, who picked up the win and the save in the same game. Once again, Purple’s defense showed up, making play after play, with Jeremy Mandel and Bruce “JB” Dorland getting to everything on the left side of the infield.

Green v. Black

A sinkhole (of unknown size and proportions) threatened to swallow up the games on Monday night as the police cordoned off the intersection of Yorkmills and Bayview to stop cars from plunging into its murky depths. For some, avoiding the police to get to the park felt like an adventure, a real life “Grand Theft Auto”. For most of us it was just an annoyance, but for an unfortunate few, the police barricade represented a mountain too difficult to climb and they returned from whence they came. But the games must go on, and so they did, with a both teams fielding a full complement, a testament to the perseverance of old Jewish men. Black went out to an early 10 to 1 lead using the time honoured formula of a bunch of singles the odd walk and most importantly, infield errors. It is the new definition of station to station softball. Green stormed back in the 4th inning with a plethora of extra base hits, a home run and horrific play in center field by the Black substitute center fielder. Suddenly, it was 10-6, or as they say in executive baseball, a virtual tie. Well the hitting didn’t last or the pitching and defence settled down which allowed Black to hold on to register a 14 to 7 win. Both pitchers went the full game which is not easy in a high scoring affair, so good on them. Black again failed to hit a home run while Green hit two, which is equal to Black’s season total, go figure.