Weekly Recap – Week of July 17th

07/19 – Silver VS Double Blue

Silver squared up against Double Blue for the early game this Monday. Mark Lee and Les Silverstein combined for a stellar effort to keep Double Blue off the board for most of the game as Silver cruised to a 12-3 win.

Goldberg put in a valiant effort but the Silver bats wouldn’t lie down, hitting the ball early and often to score runs in every inning, topped off by a 5 run 5th to put the game out of reach. It was Brad “One More Pitch” Worth who gave Goldberg the toughest time going 3 for 3, and seeing over 30 pitches to get there. Silver pitching was helped out by some great D featuring a masterful lead-off nabbing bullet coming from Art who threw while still in his crouch, and a remarkable fly out that Jon Mandel caught in left field, only to fire a bullet to 1st to nail the lead-off runner for a DP.

07/17 – Purple VS Silver

The red hot Purple squad were looking to continue their winning ways against a short-handed Silver team on Monday night. Purple rocketed to a 4-0 lead in the 1st as they found holes across the diamond until Silver finally managed to stop the bleeding on a fly-out double play. Lidsky took over and put on a pitching clinic as the Silver bats couldn’t manage a hit or even get through their shortened roster through the first 3 innings. With the score still at 4-0 in the 5th, Purple came out blasting yet again and added another 5 runs (without recording an out) in the top half making it 9-0.

With their backs against the wall, the Silver bats finally came out of their slumber and marked 5 of their own in the bottom of the 6th. Les Silverstein and the Silver D managed to sweat out the top of the Purple lineup to shut Purple down in the 7th. Silver got to work in the bottom half and loaded the bases with none out and one run scored before sub-in Ashley Gordon* came to plate against Gary Tanenbaum and blasted a grand-slam to end the game 10-9 for Silver.

Kudos to Lidsky and the Purple infield for dynamite play and a warrior-like effort by Les Silverstein.

*In light of allowing the bases to load up in the bottom of the 7th with none out, according to members of the Purple team, Ashley Gordon’s involvement in the game was questionable, as Silver started with 8 but had 9 players of their own by end of the 1st. However Purple agreed to let him play and accepts the consequences of its poor decision.

Powder v. Black July 17, 2017

Usually not much changes at the corner of Bayview and Yorkmills. This has been especially true when it comes to Kevin Green’s domination of Black for what feels like a millennia (on both sides of the plate). It is rumored he has a win streak of 182 games with a Ruthian 650 Home runs against the erstwhile and historically inept Blacks. Somehow, by virtue of some luck, a sore shoulder perhaps and some gutty performances, Black finally reversed the trend and beat Kevin and his powdery band of bashers 12-2. Hard to say how it happened. Did Bruce’s strike zone suddenly shrink? Did Black bring in a gang of imposters? Did the pop gun offence find their power stroke? Well none of the above. Great pitching from Darren Levant (rejuvenated after his search for enlightenment in the far reaches of wherever he disappeared to the last month) and the ever reliable Adam Hennick, were the key. The usual Black offence, based solely on singles and timely errors by their opponents, proved perplexingly effective. Coach (part time) Howard Kaiman was heard to mumble, “We better watch out, everyone knows singles hitting can dry up at any time, too bad we can’t bunt”. With so few other offensive options Black’s motto will have to be, “live by the sword, die by the sword”.