Weekly Recap – Week of June 26th

Weekly Wrap Up

06/29 Game Silver vs Navy

It only took one inning to decide the game Thursday evening as Silver went on to win 5-1. The game was held to 1-0 Navy for most of the game until Silver unleashed a barrage of hits to score 5.

Black v. Green June 28, 2017

For those who have been following the “American League” you will notice that there seems to be a competitive vibe in virtually all the games. Well the June 28, game was no different, with Black prevailing at 6-4. Pitching on both teams was the name of the game, with neither team recording an extra base hit (well maybe Green got one but Black certainly did not). Green booted the ball around a bit in the first resulting in a 3 nothing lead. Black returned the favour in the third and the game was tied going into the sixth. Black won the last two innings 3 to 1 and so eked out a victory. Both Adam Hennick and Mark Goodman kept the game close with most of the hitting consisting of bloop singles and seeing eye grounders. Apparently, a record was set for the quickest game of the year (or so said the Ump).

Sunday 06/26 – Purple Haze VS Powder 2

After a half hour of groundskeeping to clear puddles and make the infield playable, Purple Haze extended its winning streak to 2 games with a 16-5 victory over Powder 2, who was playing with a short roster.  Pitching on his birthday, Gary “Maneater” Tenenbaum was masterful, throwing a complete game with less than 70 pitches.  Gary benefited from stellar play at shortstop from Jeremy Mandel and Bruce Dorner, and tidy defense all around.  Everyone contributed to the victory with production up and down the lineup, with Robbie Grossman hitting his 2nd longball of the season and Stephen Lidsky going 4 for 4 with a home run and 8 RBIs.  Purple looks to keep it going next week, in a tough matchup with first-place Black.

Sunday 06/25 – Black VS Silver

Black and Silver played to a see-saw battle on Sunday morning that ended just as the rains started pouring in. In a tight game through to the 5th, Black closed out that inning with four runs to take a commanding 7-3 lead with hits coming from all parts of their lineup. Silver battled back in the bottom with four of their own to tie the game at 7, and then added another 3 in the bottom of the 6th to take the lead. As the clouds rolled in, Black’s bats thundered back and had the bases loaded with 2 runs already scored. Ron Baryosef managed to save the day for Silver with a double played shot to third to get the force, and a laser shot to home to finish the DP and the game at 10-9 Silver.

Kudos to both Mark Lee and Adam Hennick for full game outings and to Ron Herczeg for continuing his batting prowess with another homer in the 1st.