June 9th Exec League Recap

Double Blue vs Purple 5/28

Double Blue beat Purple (also known as Red) 6-5 Sunday morning. Purple scored 3 quick runs in the first helped by a few bloopers, but after that, Nathan Jack settled in to throw 5 solid innings. Michael Goldberg made his Exec league debut, helping to turn 3 double plays then pitching 2 shutout innings for the save. Jason Greenwald continues to be one of the hottest hitters in the league, consistently hitting hard liners each time up.

Monday May 5/29

Gambling White Sox Fell behind early 5-1 . With only 8 Jewish players – we persevered and never gave up hope ultimately emerging victorious 8-5 . Short handed and thirsty we drank as much beer as we could but still some was left.
Les pitched through injury for a complete game. Our departed brethren from last year’s team played in the second game. It was great to see them. They lost.

It was Irwin’s birthday – his 65th.

It was fun.

Rays vs. Orange Crush 5/31

Game Summary – Rays vs. Orange Crush – 6:45pm on May 31st.

This back and forth tilt ended with a 10-9 win for the Rays over the Orange Crush .

The Rays came out early and staked themselves to a 9-0 lead on the strength of solid pitching from Adam Hennick and chipped in hits throughout the lineup, scoring runs in each of the first 4 innings. Big contributions from Dave Katz (Katman) with a 2 run double, Larry Krupski with a 2 run double, and a 3 hit night from Lorne Bloomberg (leader) helped build the lead, with additional hits from Rick Meslin, Mike Krestell and an rbi single from Steve Yermus and 2 hits from Adam Hennick. Geoff Rotstein added 2 hits and Adam Bernstein (Jr.) added some good glove work and baserunning to keep the family name intact.

The Orange Crush mounted a come back in the 4th and 5th innings, scoring 4 runs in the 4th inning and another 5 runs in the 5th inning on the strength of some extra base hits from the middle of their lineup and punctuated by a booming grand slam off the bat of Mitch Rabovsky in the 5th to tie the score at 9-9. Featured contributions from Robert Kurtz, Ronnie Bar Yosef, and a 2 rbi single from Neil Rabovsky helped the Orange Crush climb back into the game. Kevin Green and Barry Samuel (nice diving catch in CF) chipped in with hits and glove work to help keep the game tied. Solid pitching from Les Silverstein (beard) and Dr. Kevin Green helped keep the game close for 6 innings.

The tie was broken in the 6th inning with a solo home run from Robbie Cooper to CF and Larry Krupski came in to lock down the save , in exciting fashion, striking out the final 2 batters with the bases loaded to preserve the ever so close 1 run lead for the Rays first victory of the year.

Black VS Silver 6/5

The week started off with a close, well-played game, with Black prevailing 5-2 over Silver. Starring for Black was Eric Lunsky, a former teammate of Silver who was a victim of a salary cap move in the off-season after Silver signed pitcher Les Silverstein. Eric shined on defense, making nifty plays at 3rd early in the game and good catchers in center later on, culminating in assist on a 8-6-2 play at the plate to gun down the potential tying run in the 5th. He also shined on offence, with a perfect 3-for-3 night, 2 of which drove in key runs.

Rays vs. Reds 6/07

Game Summary – Rays vs. Reds – 8:45pm on June 7. Rays win 9-1.

The Reds came out early with 1 run in the 1st, but each time they threatened, the pitching combination of Adam Hennick, Larry Krupski and Jeff Krupski shut down the rally, inducing ground ball outs and allowing the defense to turn 2 double plays in the infield and a few nice running catches in the outfield by Jeff Marcus and Mike Krestell.

Pitching highlights: Adam Hennick pitched a 5 inning gem, inducing ground balls and flyouts and showing a great changeup in key spots. Larry Krupski came in to pitch the 6th to face the meat of the Reds lineup with his heavy fastball and Jeff Krupski closed out the 7th to complete the game. On the Reds side, Mark Goodman pitched 6 innings, keeping the ball in the park all night and holding the extra base hits to a minimum. Shawn Zolberg finished the 7th, yielding only one hit.

Hitting Notes: The Rays hitting was spread through the lineup including a 2 hit game from both of Jeff Krupski and Steve Yermus (3 rbi) and a 3 hit game from Geoff Rotstein. Adam Bernstein (Jr.) nailed a big rbi triple, and Adam Hennick drove in 2 runs on ground outs. Mike Krestell mixed speed with patience at the top of the order and Robbie Cooper drove in a run with a double up the middle. On the Reds side, 2 hit nights from Corey Gerlock and Mike McCleave helped start rallys and Jonny Mandel and Ashley Gordon hit the ball hard all night.

Black v. Green 6/07

Just reporting in that Black was the victor in a 17-10 pitcher’s duel on Wednesday June 7, 2017. Green used three pitchers but mostly Bram and Sean and Black relied mostly on Darren Levant. The pitchers are to be commended for their efforts, despite the score, as dropped balls and grounders clanking off feet and faces were the norm for the evening. The game was much closer than the score indicated as the lead changed hands several times. Black scored 5 in the bottom of the sixth and the game was then called for curfew.

Thursday 6/08 games

6:45P Game – Orange VS Powder

With the heat finally joining us this summer on Thursday night, Powder emerged the victor in yet another tight game featuring a pitching battle between the Marshall pair and Kevin Green. The score was locked in at 2-1 for most of the game until a two run inning for Powder late in the game made it seemingly out of reach. A game highlight featured a heroic effort by Robert Kurtz when a long fly reached the warning tracks that popped out of his glove after he crashed into the fence. Rob then dusted himself off to crush a solo homer to close out the game at 4-2 for Powder. Kudos to John Marshall for shutting down Orange for 4 innings to maintain Powder’s zero-loss record for the season.

8:45P Game – Silver VS Purple

Silver came on strong with persistent run generation and tight D to pull off an 11-4 victory. Silver had some superb pitching from Les Silverstein who carried a shutout into the 5th until Lidsky blasted a solo shot deep into the park to bring the score to 5-1. Silver came back in the 6th to add another 4 runs featuring a blistering 2 run shot by Ron Herzceg. Purple threatened a comeback in the bottom of the 7th with a few runs and men on with only one out, but the inning ended abruptly on a rare pop-out double play at first by Rob “Puppy” Eklove.