Playoff Update: Group A Finals set… Gamblers go one up in Group B Finals

Group A Semi Final Wrap Up

Rays VS Crush

Game 2 of the Semi Final on Wednesday featured the Gimmel Rays vs. the Orange Crush. The Crush was up 1-0 in the series after their Sunday 8-5 victory.

The Rays with their backs to the wall came out with runs in 4 consecutive innings to build a 9-0 lead, featuring big hits from Geoff Rotstein, Larry Krupski Steve Yermus, and Jeff Marcus, and a3 run hr from Robbie Cooper. Larry Teitel and Norm Nefsky contributed big playoff games with a nice catch by Larry T in the field and 2 walks, and Norman Nefsky pounded out a double to LF to help turn the lineup over. Rick Meslin continued his hot hitting and Lorne Bloomberg and Adam Hennick continued with quality at bats. Jeff Krupski came in a just the right time and knocked a double up the box.

The defense continued to shine and the pitching combination of Adam Hennick and Larry Krupski kept the Orange lineup at bay long enough to finish with a 10-6 win. Big hits from Eric Green, Ilan Medad and Barry Samuel made it close, leaving the series ready for an eventful game 3.

With the best of 3 series knotted at 1-1, the final game Thursday night was filled with drama.

The Orangemen came out with the first at bats. After a first pitch flyout, they put 2 men on, only to have their rally snuffed out with an interesting double play on a flyout to CF, a throw to 3b to hold the runner and quick throw from Steve Yermus to 2b to tag a straying Robert Goodman for the 3rd out. Just like that the rally was over.

The Rays came out with quick runs in the 1st with Jeff Krupski leading off with double and ultimately scoring after hits from Rick Meslin, Robbie Cooper and Larry Krupski to stake the Rays to a 3 -0 lead. More hits came from Steve Yermus and Jeff Marcus but the big blow came off the bat of Larry Krupski, with a booming home run to LF to put a finishing statement on the lead. Quality at bats from Geoff Rotstein and Adam Hennick and Lorne Bloomberg helped stretch out the lineup and turn it over time after time.

Jeff Krupski continued his defensive dominance, taking a throw from CF and relaying to Lorne Bloomberg to nail a runner at home plate on a picture perfect play, and Norm Nefsky came up with his best and biggest catch of the year in RF to drain a big out late in the game.

Adam Hennick continued his mastery in the first 3 innings, shutting down the Orangemen completely and Larry Krupski took over to finish the last 2 innings to tidy up the victory at 10-4, striking out Barry Samuel with the bases loaded to snuff out the comeback.

Kudos to the Orangemen pitchers , Kevin Green and Les Silverstein who battled the entire series and the gentlemanly play of the Orangemen.
Looking forward to a great and challenging Finals vs. the Powder Blue.

Giants VS Blue Steel

The Giants took on the Blue Steel with the hope of evening the series after a first game 7-4 loss this past Sunday. Blue Steel got off to a hot start putting up a five spot during the top of the first. John Marshall led the way with a towering home run past the basketball nets in centre field. However, the Giants kept on clawing back. Corey Gerlock had a three run shot of his own to get the Giants back in the game. Blue Steel turned it on again, led by the hot hitting Adam Altberg who has been crushing the ball all play-offs along with Colin Halpern who contributed with a solo home run. However, the relentless Giants were not fazed and with key hits from Dan Glaziel and Brian Lidsky narrowed the Blue Steel lead to 8-7. The relentless Blue Steel line-up scratched back, led by the top of the over with Les Bernstein and Lorne Swartz getting key base hits, to finally hold on for a 13-8 hard fought over defending champs.

Kudos to the Giants for playing a tough game with an under manned squad.

Game 1 of the Final between the G Rays and Blue Steel goes Sunday morning at 10 am

Group B Finals – Gamblers VS Dodgers

The Group B Finals kicked off Thursday night with the Gamblers facing the Dodgers.

It was an “almost” great comeback by Royal, who were down 10-1 after 2 2/12. Silver started the barrage early and often from all members of the team, scoring the max in both the first and third innings, and hung on for a 15-14 victory in a very exciting game. Silver hitting featured an “almost” homer by Ron Baryosef in the 3rd that hit the left field top rail fence and bounced back in for a very long single. Jack Benzacar followed that hit with a 2 run homer.

Royal had steady hitting pretty much up and down the lineup, capped by a David Goldstein 2 run shot in the 7th to bring Royal back within 1. The game ended with a very sharp hit ball by Saul York that somehow Silver pitcher Gary Tennenbaum managed to snag in mid-air just above his ankles to end the threat and the game. Players of that vintage aren’t normally able to bend down that far so fast, so it did take a moment for players on both teams to process. Also of note, Nathan Jack came in in relief in the 4th and really quieted down the Silver bats. The game also featured a very rare triple play, started by Bobby Tesis, who snagged a low line drive at first, stepped on the bag and then tossed to 2nd.

If this game is any indication, Sunday’s noon tilt should be a doozy between 2 well matched clubs.